Zu Cables- Available Now

Zu Mission S/Pdif unbalanced digital audio interconnect cables are engineered and built to provide pristine high bandwidth digital signal transmission. The fact that they have also been refined and developed to help digital to analog conversion sound smoother, more relaxed and dynamic is the Mission S/Pdif trick.

The Mk.II-A version is the same as the much more expensive Mk.II-B featuring the exact same cable. The part were we save the cash on is only the connecter, but even so the SwtichCraft hollow-pin RCA sound sweet especially as we use a high pressure crimp and use a nominal amount of solder for the connection.  And in keeping with the cool vintage look of this classic RCA plug we custom color code the right channel with epoxy based filler in the cross-hatch—way better looking than a band of red shrink tube.

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Omen Mk.I-B


Omen Mk.I-B is the same as the original with a few nice differences and one huge. Mark-one-bee is fitted with our nanotech sanctified composite paper cored cone. This new 10” full-range driver uses the same great Zu260 motor assembly, and when combined with these new nanometer materials and lay up gives the perfect combination of classic Zu tone and resolving transparency.

Omen is a high performance yet affordable loudspeaker that will deliver great sound in almost any space and gets along with almost any amplifier or receiver.

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Audiophiliac speaker of the year: Zu Druid V

This skinny tower comes out of Utah, and looks and sounds a lot more expensive than it is….. “The most remarkable aspect of living with the Druid Vs was the way they brought me around to music I never really liked all that much before,” - isn’t that what its all about? read article here

ZU have been promising a stereo cabinet and here it is!

ZU Modern Console 1

Zu has been promising us a stereo cabinet and it seems they have delivered! Chuck and Sean explain the finer points here

Zu Audio Cube Speaker System

Steve Guttenberg has reviewed Zu’s cube speakers. We love them and obviously they look great but see how they stack up here